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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Can I

Can I

It was an early spring day that made you want to do nothing at all, Josh thought. They’d done the all the chores and were sprawled on the couch, just happy to have the afternoon to themselves.
“Can I have a puppy?”
“What? No.”
“Can I have a cat?”
“Can I have a rabbit?”
“NO! What’s up with you?”
“Nothing,” Josh said with a grin.
“Can I have”
“No. You can have a swat.”
“Don’t want one; had too many yesterday.” After a few seconds of silence he smiled and said, “Can I…”
David leaned over and grinned wickedly, saying, “You can have one thing this afternoon, but you have to come upstairs with me to get it.”
“That’s all I wanted,” Josh replied, quickly getting to his feet, following David up the stairs.