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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's Not My Fault!

“It’s not fair, I shouldn’t be spanked, it’s not my fault,” Joshua all but whined.
David looked at him, the disbelieve easy to read on his face. “Not your fault? How is your coming home drunk from the Christmas party last night not your fault?”
“I only bought two beers. I was just being social with the Al and Ken.”
“If you only had two beers how come you’re still hung over.?”
“I was overserved!”
“Yes, I only ordered two, the other drinks were not my fault; I was overserved last night , so it‘s not my fault,” Joshua said hurriedly.
“Enough! We aren’t going to argue semantics. You know the consequences of getting drunk, don‘t you?”
“Yeah,” Joshua said sadly.
David tapped his lap, “Come on, let’s get this over with. Is there anything else I need to know?”
“No. But at least I didn’t drive home, I took a taxi.”
“I know, and I’m thankful for that.” Without saying anything more David pulled down Joshua’s sweats and shorts, then guided him over his lap and began to spank him. “I won’t let you get away with getting drunk. It’s bad for your health and a bad habit to start,” he said as he turned Joshua’s butt red. “I won’t let you start it. Are we clear on this?”
“Yes,” Joshua yelped, trying unsuccessfully to hold back his tears, as another swat stung him.
David landed another two swats then gathered Joshua into his arms. “I love you, brat, and I’m not going to let you indulge in harmful behavior. You mean too much too me.”
“I know, and I’m sorry.”
“Ok, it’s over. Now, what about you taking a shower while I make breakfast?”
“Sounds good to me. And I love you, even if you spank me.”
“I know, sweetheart. Now go take that shower!”


Friday, December 17, 2010

Letter to David

As he opened the envelope, David subconsciously knew what he'd see.

"If you're reading this David, you know I've left you.

I "legally" became an adult three weeks ago, on August 23rd, and in charge of my own life. We've been married three years, five months and 16 days, and during that time you've never cared what my opinion was or asked me what I wanted to do. Did you think that all my opinions were the same as yours because I said 'Yes, David, Of course David, or What do you think David?'

I learned the hard way that the only answers you were interested in were those that agreed with yours. You told me to never say no to you or I would be spanked. It only took two spanking to make me learn that lesson. I'm not a slow learner.

I never got a birthday present from you, not even a card, even though we celebrate the birthday of everyone else in the family, as well as your own. Do you even know when my birthday is?

For my Christmas present last year you gave me a green sweater. I hate green on me, I look awful in it. I've never worn it, and didn't take it with me; it's still in the closet where I hung it that day.

At first I thought the lack of presents was due to your not knowing what to get me, or that money was tighter than I thought, so I mentioned a book I'd like to have or something inexpensive,
but you didn't pay attention.

I won't ask that you support me. I did however take $5,000.00 from the bank account in cash. Don't blame the bank. Poor Mr. Johnson, I could see he wanted to know why I needed that much money, but he could tell I wasn't going to explain. He probably thought we'd had an emergency and needed cash right away.

Don't try and follow me, or get me back. I won't divorce you; I won't bring shame on the rest of the family in that way, but if you try to get me back I'd have no problem in proving that my husband neglected me and my well being."


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holiday Spirits

David wasn't sure what was going on, but Josh had been acting strange since he'd walked in the door. It wasn't anything that David could put his finger on, but definitely not normal. When David asked if anything was wrong all he got was a grin and "holiday spirits."

As they got ready for bed Josh asked, "Will you help me with this sweater, I think it's caught."

David turned and reached over, freeing it from the belt loop it had been caught on. As Josh pulled the sweater over his head, David gasped, then started laughing. "Wow, I know you like Christmas, but isn't painting Santa's head, three reindeer and a sleigh on your chest a bit much?"

"Do you like it?" Josh asked with a grin, glad the reaction was so positive. "I had Becky do it for me as soon as I got off work."

"Yes I like it, and your sister is more artistic than I thought. Good thing there is only four days until Christmas, I'm sure it will itch until it finally fades. Hopefully it will be gone by then."


"Um? Um what?"

"Well, this isn't the normal body paint that fades in a couple of days." With a smirk Josh quickly added, "This is edible body paint. Santa's hat is peppermint. And the reindeer are chocolate. Want to find out what the rest is?" He barely got the last word out as he was tackled and pushed onto the bed.

"I'm going to find out what everything is. And, you're going to love every second of it, if I have my way."